Here’s what we got so far. Two of them are 400x400 and two are re-sized 500x500, so they don’t align perfectly.

A tip on re-sizing from 500 to 400: Using a photo editing tool with layers like, start off by making a layer identical to the original symbol, but with different colors, then making a white 50x50 cube. Copy/paste that cube along the original design, staying conscious of the grid. It won’t align perfectly the whole way through, but the ends will, and that’s the part you have to pay attention to. When it’s done, just fill in the empty parts of the layer with black and delete the colored one.


Goes on the right of Kehuri’s symbol. 

Dont even know if Gardek is supposed to be a Toa one day but anyway. 

Proud to be in Kehuri’s Toa Team ! 

(Any name yet ? )


I made Kehuri a Nuva symbol. (Hypothetically, of course. No way he’d become a Nuva at any point in time.)

First five people to manage to make a complete cube with mine will be a Toa team! Remember to make the lines meet.

Well, it’s certainly not called “Kehuri’s Toa Team”. Kehuri isn’t suited for a leadership role. His symbol somewhat reflects this, with the bulk of it being attached to the bottom, and only one small segment making it to the top (representing that he supports, while others rise on his shoulders).

I made Kehuri a Nuva symbol. (Hypothetically, of course. No way he’d become a Nuva at any point in time.)

First five people to manage to make a complete cube with mine will be a Toa team! Remember to make the lines meet.

(Dimensions are 100 by 100. Each white “block” is 13x13. After every 2, the next one is one pixel down, essentially making it 12x13 or 12x12. Do it right and you get a perfect cube. Or you could just make it bigger and use different dimensions…)

Bionicle where everything is the same except GENDERBEND:








  • Gali getting fed up with everyone’s drama and kicks their asses
  • Nokama being the caring and charismatic big brother that all the other Toa Metru have a major crush on to some degree
  • Tahu’s mood swings (b/c really, all the Toa Mata were basically oversized teenagers)
  • Vakama keeping his her…

Even better, imagine this:

- All the Piraka are buff babes who just show everyone who’s boss and they’re always squabbling. (also this is hardly a genderbend: Skakdi females are taller and more violent)

- Also; Tahu would be the biggest Tsundere, (if ‘he’ isn’t already).

- Takua being the most unsure, cutest thing you can imagine. And Jaller being the supportive/arguing bigger sister.

- Teridax is basically your evil-stepmother-with-magic-powers and tuts at her subordinates.

- Mata Nui is kind-hearted power-house Wonderwoman. Full stop.

- Helryx is the ‘big-boss’ type with a suit and cigar.

- Hewkii the prime-star sportsgirl and Macku constantly worried about her health.

- Nuparu the engineering geek, who squeals at the sight/prospect of machinery. (think Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist)

- All the Barraki are deadly “mermaids” of some sort. (Imagine them singing ‘Part of your world’)

I actually think Takua would be more outgoing and tomboy-ish and Jaller being all like “calm the fuck down, this is why you’re single.”

And Matoro is the quiet, bookish girl who translates for Nuju.

"…and next up on Mata Nui’s Next Top Model…!"

Mata Nui, what have we done?

Started a beautiful thing.

Piraka… as… 


My sick interests aside, I need somebody to write a Barraki (male) version of Part of Your World so that I can sing it. I want it tomorrow on my desk. Puddings, do I have a desk? No? 

And I want a desk.





Krana eather by A-Jaller

Does this count as cannibalism?

I would never do this!

I think, if I remember correctly, that the krana weren’t created with the bohrok when the Av-Matoran transformed. I think they were made from the scraps left over from the major universe building. In this case, Jaller would be eating the leftovers…not cannibalism. 


Krana were leftovers from creating the Zyglak. Or the other way around.

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